In 2013, San Juan County hired Pictometry to take nine (9) inch resolution aerial imagery countywide and three (3) inch resolution in the Town of Friday Harbor, Eastsound and Lopez Village. This orthoimagery is the result.The dataset consists of tiled orthogonal imagery produced from nadir images captured by Pictometry International. Automatic aerial triangulation (AAT) was performed. The triangulated frames were rectified to a LiDAR derived DEM. Mosaicing was performed using an automatic seaming algorithm and manually edited to eliminate seams through elevated features where possible.GPS/INS processing: Data was post-processed using NGS CORS base station data.AeroTriangulation: Imagery was aerotriangulated using Inpho's Match-AT software.Rectification: Ortho-rectification was performed using Inpho's OrthoMaster software. A LiDAR based DEM was used as the rectification surface.Mosaicing: Mosaiking was performed using Inpho's OrthoVista software and SeamEditor was employed for manual corrections.

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