The dataset consists of tiled orthogonal imagery produced from nadir images captured by Pictometry International. Automatic aerial triangulation (AAT) was performed. The triangulated frames were rectified to a LiDAR derived DEM. Mosaicing was performed using an automatic seaming algorithm and manually edited to eliminate seams through elevated features where possible. Resolution is 6 inch pixels countywide with 3" pixels in Friday Harbor, Eastsound, and Lopez Village. Imagery was taken in May/June 2016.GPS/INS processing: Data was post-processed using NGS CORS base station data.AeroTriangulation: Imagery was aerotriangulated using Inpho's Match-AT software.Rectification: Ortho-rectification was performed using Inpho's OrthoMaster software. A LiDAR based DEM was used as the rectification surface.Mosaicing: Mosaiking was performed using Inpho's OrthoVista software and SeamEditor was employed for manual corrections.

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